SUMMARY Does Anyone Have Experience of Using The Fair Share Sche duler With Oracle

From: SPALL, James <>
Date: Fri Sep 22 2006 - 10:52:02 EDT
	Thanks for all the responses, especially Deborah Crocker who shared
her experience of Solaris 10

> We have a large Sun server running Solaris 9 which hosts about six oracle
> databases. At peak times all the cpu's on the box are max'ed out and we'd
> like to ring-fence one of the oracle databases so that it is always able
> to get about 85% of the available cpu power. Does anyone have any
> practical experience of if the fair share scheduler works well with
> oracle.
> The server in question is running Solaris 9  9/05, the oracle db is 920
> and we've already got the SUNWfss package installed.
> Any other suggestions for dealing with this welcome - Solaris 10 and zones
> is not an option at the moment though.
> thanks
> James
We're using it under Solaris 10, although we've never maxed out the CPUs.
We've got a similar scenario. We have a database that needs to get time, if
the box is ever maxed out.

One point that needs to be remembered is that the listener for your favored
database needs to be started in the same project that you run the database

I have a "" project that handles most stuff. Then there special
projects for the databases that need them. Our favored database has its own
listener on a separate port.

Deb C.

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