SUMMARY: rge driver

From: Thomas Carter <>
Date: Tue Sep 19 2006 - 10:21:16 EDT
I didn't get any responses, but I'm answering my own question. I got a 
hold of a cheap Rosewill Gb card and installed it in a 280R. The system 
would panic if I stressed the network too much. The card is running fine 
in a Dell server running Windows 2000, so the card seems fine.

I replaced the Realtek based card with an Intel Pro 1000MT Desktop adapter 
(using the e1000g driver) and it has been rock solid. In throughput tests, 
it also seems to outperform the 8169 card. If you're looking for cheaper 
Gb PCI NICs, I would recommend Intel cards.

Thomas Carter
MEMC Southwest

Thomas Carter/SW/MEMC wrote on 09/14/2006 01:40:17 PM:

> I would like to add a cheap Realtek 8169-based Gb NIC to a couple of
> 280Rs and use the rge driver included with Solaris 10 (6/06). Does 
> anyone have experience using one of these cards with the rge driver?
> How well did it work? Did it require a lot of CPU power for Gb 
> Thanks,
> Thomas Carter
> MEMC Southwest
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