SUMMARY: Help for a bonehead

From: Cohen, Laurence <>
Date: Mon Sep 18 2006 - 11:02:03 EDT
Thanks for all of the responses!  Most of you said to boot from a CD and
mount the file systems to change the permissions.  Looks like I'll have
to make a drive to the server since it's 20 minutes away and I don't
have console access.  This seems like the quickest way to fix the
problem though.

Thanks again!

Laurence H Cohen

SRA International

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From: Cohen, Laurence
Sent: Monday, September 18, 2006 10:40 AM
Subject: Help for a bonehead

Somehow I just removed execute permission from files in /usr/bin and
/usr/sbin.  I also can't scp anything to this server now as it is
refusing connections.  I do have an open ssh session from before I made
this brilliant move.  I don't have physical access to the server though
because it's in another building, 20 minutes away.  Is there any way to
recover from this without having to reinstall the OS?  I'm unable to use
command like chmod, mv, cp, etc.


Laurence H Cohen

SRA International
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