SUMMARY: partial: Sunfire V120 hangs during jumpstart

From: Fergus McMenemie <>
Date: Fri Sep 15 2006 - 02:13:06 EDT

Only two useful answers both of which were in the general direction of
getting it to boot from CD-ROM to identify if it was a hardware error.
I also got our software support organisation involved and they went down
a similar path.

Unfortunately the unit had no CD-ROM. But I did move the units disk
and system configuration card to another Sunfire were it booted and
jumpstarted fine. This confirmed that the jumpstart and net boot
configuration was OK.

Replacing the disk and configuration card I obtained a CD-ROM from
another Sunfire. The unit then CD booted with both 5.8 2/02 and 2/04.
However the boot sequence was different. It never looked for:-
>    su4 at ebus3: offset 0,3f8
>    su4 is /pci@1f,0/pci@1,1/isa@7/serial@0,3f8
>    su5 at ebus3: offset 0,2e8
>    su5 is /pci@1f,0/pci@1,1/isa@7/serial@0,2e8
Instead going for Su0 and Su1. So this was kind of side stepping the

We compared the EEPROM output on a good/bad system. They were the same.

Anyway based on all the above I decided there was something wrong with
the serial port hardware and got the CPU card replaced.

Made no difference at all. System still failed to net boot.

Going through the jumpers and other settings was the next step;  
the good and bad machine. They appeared to be equivalent as the
far service guy was concerned. (I did not look at them.) The LOM  
were the same.

The only difference that was found was that the good machine identified
itself as a v120 within the LOM PROM setting while the bad said it was a
Netra of some kind. What this the difference?

PS. The service tech took the Sunfire back to his area and continued to
work on it. As part of doing this he set it up to net boot from his own
jumpstart server. This worked! His jumpstart server went through the
Su1/Su0 sequence not Su4/Su5. What is the difference ? What is causing
this difference?

PS. Ran into a nasty side effect of moving CD-ROM drives from machine
to machine. The sunfires internal disk assignments change depending on
the presence of a CD-ROM drive.

	c0t0d0  becomes c1t0d0

This really messes  up jumpstart configuration. I have to hard code
the rules files differently as CDrom drives are moved from machine to
machine. A real pain.

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