SUMMARY: Boot Error: Can't find driver for console framebuffer

From: Mahamadou KEITA <>
Date: Thu Aug 31 2006 - 17:27:22 EDT
Here below is the solution of this problem.
Special thank to Ryan A. Krenzischek who gives me the precious suggestion
and the link to  the suitable driver.
This link is:
I download the driver, his latest patch and the manuals at this location,
and follow the installation process.
Afterwards, i reboot the system (with the -r option) and everything was OK.
Many thanks to everyone for your speedy reply,
Bests Regards
M Keita

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From: Ryan A. Krenzischek <>
Date: 21 ao{t 2006 15:43
Subject: Re: Boot Error: Can't find driver for console framebuffer
To: Mahamadou KEITA <>

You need to download the drivers.  The Raptor drivers aren't included with
Solaris 2.6.  The drivers and manuals for your video card can be found


Ryan A. Krenzischek

On Mon, 21 Aug 2006, Mahamadou KEITA wrote:

> Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 15:26:48 +0000
> From: Mahamadou KEITA <>
> To:
> Subject: Boot Error: Can't find driver for console framebuffer
> Hi All,
> We have just bought a refurbished Sun Enterprise 250 server. We'd like to
> install the Solaris 2.6 on it . But at the starting process, it displays
> following error message: *Can't find driver for console framebuffer. *
> *TSI: gfxp1 is GFX8P @ 1280x1024.*
> When we  install anyway the solaris 2.6 and reboot the system, the CDE
> doesn't start.
> I need your precious help.
> Thank you in advance
> Bests Regards
> M Keita
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