SUMMARY: veritas DG to another host

From: Bhavesh Shah <>
Date: Wed Aug 23 2006 - 13:03:17 EDT
Thanks to everyone for their quick and accurate response. I greatly 
appreciate the help provided by this forum and the Gurus who responded 
so quickly.
Many Thanks to
Stefan Varga
Kevin Sparling
Ilya Voronin
Andrey Borzenkov
Gregory Shaw
Bill Springall
Tom Jones
Kristopher Briscoe

Sorry if i missed anyone.

The soultion is:

vxdg -Cf import <DG_Name>

Thanks a lot to everyone.

My original post was:

>> Need urgent Help.
>> I had a SAN LUN presented to one box in Veritas volume Manager 3.5 DG 
>> and that box went down . Now i want that DG to mounted on another 
>> host but the problem is deport has not been run on failed host and on 
>> new host where the SAN is presented vxdisk shows as below:
>> vxdisk -o alldgs list
>> c3t55d2s2    sliced    -           (TestDG) online
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