Summary: error when increasing volume size

From: David Cecchino <>
Date: Fri Aug 18 2006 - 08:46:38 EDT
Hi All -

Thanks for everyone that contributed. The problem was that there should be a
small amount of filesystem available for the resize to take place.


David Cecchino

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From: David Cecchino <>
Date: Aug 17, 2006 1:05 PM
Subject: error when increasing volume size
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Veritas 4.1 MP1 / V480 / Solaris 10 latest patch release

Can anyone help out , I've tried a few commands to resize the filesystem
including vxassist and vxresize, but still running into some errors.

I should be able to increase this size by at least 1.2gig , however I am
getting a error.

root@host:/> /etc/vx/bin/vxresize -g data_dg vol 112G

UX:vxfs fsadm: ERROR: V-3-20340: attempt to resize /dev/vx/rdsk/data_dg/vol
failed with errno 28

UX:vxfs fsadm: ERROR: V-3-23643: Retry the operation after freeing up some

VxVM vxresize ERROR V-5-1-7514 Problem running fsadm command for volume vol
, in diskgroup data_dg

root@host:/> df -kl /data_dg/vol

Filesystem            kbytes    used   avail capacity  Mounted on


                     116391936 116391936       0   100%    /data_dg/vol

root@host:/> vxassist -g data_dg maxsize

Maximum volume size: 2615296 (1277Mb)

root@host:/> df -h  /data_dg/vol

Filesystem             size   used  avail capacity  Mounted on


                       111G   111G     0K   100%    /data_dg/vol
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