SUMMARY: zfs backup with Legato Networker

From: Elizabeth Schwartz <>
Date: Tue Aug 15 2006 - 14:54:31 EDT
Our backup server (which I do not control)  runs Legato Networker 7.2.2, my
new server runs Solaris 10 release 2 (06/06) with zfs. The problem was, how
to backup the zfs volume.

The short-term solution has been:
  1) mount the volume using the legacy option, which uses vfstab
            zfs set mountpoint=legacy mailstore/imap
            mount -f zfs mailstore/imap /var/spool/imap
  2) share the volume in /etc/dfs/dfstab, then nfs mount it on another
server running Solaris 9.
  3) tell  Legato explicitly to back up this volume (since Networker does
not back up NFS mounted volumes by default)

Longer-term, word is that there's a patch for Networker 7.3 available, and
7.3.2, expected in September will include zfs support.

The OpenSolaris zfs mailing list at is very useful

Things that did NOT work:
   -Networker out of the box
   -set mountpoint = legacy  and mounting the volume via vfstab, locally
   -sharing the volume and nfs mounting it to another server, without the
legacy option  *
   -legacy mounting, sharing the volume to localhost, and nfs mounting it
locally *

* with these two options we had timeouts; we did not experiment much with
prolonging the timeouts.

thanks for all the help

PS, since several people asked how we got into this situation: while I was
on vacation and unreachable, a water pipe leak in the ceiling (just outside
the shielding!) soaked the server rack, killing the cyrus server and totally
voiding the service contract (the Sun service tech who opened the box also
lost his laptop  when the water poured out ...) I returned to day three of
an email outage, and an offer to migrate our users to central IT's
soon-to-be-Exchange servers if we'd like.  I'd just started an eight-week
project to build a new mailstore. So, instead, I did the whole move in two
very long days, plus a week or so of tying up loose ends. Had this gone as
scheduled, there would have been a lot more testing before doing an orderly
migration! (and the old box would have become the new test bed, dangit)
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