SUMMARY: Solaris 10 not installing on SS20

From: Donald Parsons <>
Date: Tue Aug 15 2006 - 09:07:47 EDT
The original post of Fri, Aug 11, 2006 at 08:58:06AM -0400,:
Re:  Solaris 10 not installing on SS20
On booting either the first or second of the downloaded Solaris
10 cdroms I get the message "Solaris 10 cannot be installed on this hardware."
I wanted the Solaris 10 as the preliminary install for installing
OpenSolaris linux as Solaris OS.
From:  Donald Parsons <>
Here are the comments:
	From:  Koef <> What is "OpenSolaris linux"?
It is mainly the Solaris 10 kernel.  It is distributed in several OS supports.
I also use it with Debian support as "Nexenta"
	From:  Esteban Manuel Rosas Martinez <> I
don't think you can install Solaris 10 on Sparc Station 20, because
Solaris 10 needs at least a 300 MHz CPU and 12 GB space in disk
	From: Darren Dunham <> No.  The SS20 is a sun4m
architecture.  The last Solaris release that supports those machines
is Solaris 9. Solaris 10 requires either a sun4u (ultra), sun4v (T1000/2000),
or an x86/x64 processor (Intel/AMD).
	From: "David L. Markowitz" <> No, that ancient platform
is 32-bit, and Solaris dropped support for it ages ago. Also, Open
Solaris won't support the SS20 either,
	From: Rick Kelly <> Nope, Solaris 10 only runs on
Ultra sparc, not sparc.
	From: Rich Teer <> That's correct; the SS20
is a sun4m archtecture machine, support for which was dropped with S10.
(Given that the SS20 stopped selling about 10 years ago, I don't think it's
unreasonable for support to be dropped!) Nope; if you want to try Solaris
10--and I wholeheartedly recommend you do--then your best option is to either
get a cheap UltraSPARC-based
machine running at 250 MHz+, or a reasonably recent PC.
	From: Ric Anderson <ric@Opus1.COM>  Solaris 10 requires an ultrasparc
(sun4u) platform.  The old SS20 (sun4m) isn't supported.  Solaris 9 or below
will install on that system,
has some information on what Linux implementations will install on that
system. I have this old memory that SS20s wouldn't boot if any part
of the kernel as above 2GB, due to some limit in the ROM.
Be careful where your root partition is placed and how large it is.
	From:  Last operating system that supported this
hardware was Solaris 9.  My previous email was typoed.  Sun removed
sun4m support in Solaris 10.
	From: "Yuengling, Philip J." <>
Your CPU must be at least an UltraSPARC II class cpu.  I had to upgrade
my Ultra2 from an UltraSPARC I to an UltraSPARC II cpu to install
Solaris 10.  I gave my SS20 to my nephew. You can find Ultra 5's and
other Sun computers pretty cheap on ebay.
	From: "Ravinder Kalsi" <> SS20 is
sun4m arch and Solaris 10 will only work with sun4u arch as a bare
minimum. If you have a spare PC you could try installing Solaris 10 x86.
	>From:  Solaris 10 won't run on a SparcStation 20.
It is simply too old. Ultra II or later, only.
	>From: Christophe Dupri <> No, Solaris 10 is
only supported on 64bit processors on the SPARC >architecture.
	Thanks to all who responded
	Donald F. Parsons
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