SUMMARY Change timezone on Solaris 10 - Reboot needed?

From: <>
Date: Fri Aug 11 2006 - 15:07:14 EDT
SUMMARY Change timezone on Solaris 10 - Reboot needed?

> Is a reboot required in Solaris 10 to change the timezone? Is there any
> other work around for a production machine?

My colleagues said a reboot was the only way, and in fact a reboot solved
this issue.

Thanks to those who replied!

Ric Anderson said:

Anything that displays time may need restarted.  The TIMEZONE file
is read during initialization and not accessed again.  While restarting
daemons might do the trick, the only way to be sure all pieces of
the system have seen the change is reboot, especially for something
that will affect cron.

Dana Hudes said:

Its an environment variable for display purposes, internally the time is
in universal time. Therefore you should be able to simply update the
variable in any running shell. New logins should pick up the new TZ
unless the old one is hardcoded into their .profile
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