SUMMARY: Sun Ultra 45 need to configure XVR-100 to support DVI out

From: David L. Markowitz <>
Date: Fri Aug 11 2006 - 14:18:10 EDT
Original question:
> I have an Ultra 45 with an XVR-100 running Solaris 10 6/06.
> This board has two head capability, with one VGA out and one DVI out.
> It defaults to using to VGA.

> How do I switch it to use the DVI instead of the VGA?

What I discovered is not an answer to this question, but rather
two notes that make it moot in my case.  Both of these are from
the XVR-100 installation guide:

Note - The maximum supported screen resolution for the DVI port
is 1280 C 1024.

Note - Only the Sun XVR-100 graphics accelerator HD15 video output
connector can provide console output. You cannot set the DVI video
connector as the console.

Since I'm using a 24" LCD at 1920x1200, as my console, I guess I'll
stick with VGA.  The picture is beautiful anyway.

     David L. Markowitz
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