SUMMARY: password options

From: Pandey, Abhimanyu <>
Date: Fri Aug 11 2006 - 11:42:22 EDT

am trying to set a default password AND also force the user to choose
password on first login through SMC.  Is this possible?


new user: apandey

def password: garbanzobeans

force user to choose password on next login: yes

I cannot seem to get this going using SMC or otherwise.

I need to do this since our database is frontended with a user interface
login screen which requires at sleast some sort of password i.e.
garbanzobeans.  Then it will pop up a terminal screen and ask user to
change password if it recognizes this user lgging in for the first time.



passwd newuser (set the password)

passwd -f newuser


DON'T use smc,  above sequence works fine.  Even in two steps though.


Abhimanyu Pandey
Information Technologies
Worcester State College
Worcester, MA 01602
Office: 508-929-8913
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