Re: IRIXRoot/Summary

From: Rodney Rodgers <>
Date: Tue Aug 01 2006 - 11:05:39 EDT
Thanks to Tobias Nutt,*Nadig Gurudatta, and many others,*


On 8/1/06, Rodney Rodgers <> wrote:
>  Normally a Solaris admin, but I have acquired an SGI box with IRIX.
> No one knows the root password.
> My question is can I reset it as in Solaris with Boot cdrom and reset the
> password ?
> Has anyone done this with IRIX?
> Thanks in advance.
> Rod


As you boot your system, press ESC when you first see the
dialogue box that says something like 'Hit ESC for maintenance menu'.

Choose to install system software and insert your CD into
in the CDROM drive. Once the installer loads, go to the
admin menu (by typing admin) and open up a root shell (by typing
shroot). Now vi the file /root/etc/passwd and delete the password field
for root (the password field is the second one, with all the
random-looking characters in it).
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