SUMMARY: Vxvm 3.5 File sytem grow and mirror backup question

From: Bhavesh Shah <>
Date: Thu Jul 27 2006 - 16:47:32 EDT
Thanks to all for their reply and suggetions. Many Thanks to:
Darren Dunham
 kristianto setiawa
Rod Leon
prasanth mudundi
Mangat Vicky
Vic Engle

The problem was the volume was stripped with 5 col. So to grow  any size 
we need atleast 5 disks (LUNs) to grow the file system. I had to add 5 
more LUNs to achieve this.

Thanks to all....

My original post was:

>>Hi Gurus,
>>I am trying to grow a vxfs volume by 100G but it fails. My current 
>>sytem size is 1 TB (962 GB) and am trying to grow to 1.1 TB. I am 
>>running Sol9 with VXvm 3.5
>>(VERSION: 3.5,REV=06.21.2002.23.14) Is there a issue with veritas 
>>3.5 for file ssytem support > 1 TB? If i try to upgrade on another 
>>volume which is 100GB the maxgrow command tells me i can grow to 
>>300 GB 
>>which means space is available for grow. Is there a bug with Vxvm 
>>or i am missing something? Please help.
>>Also i have to do a mirror volume and then preverve the data in 
>>case of 
>>data corruption. To do this i am going create a mirror volume and 
>>remove the plex to preserve data. In case original data gets 
>>corrupted i 
>>can start the volume with mirror plex. For that should i just 
>>plex from volume (vxplex dis mirror-plex-name) or remove a plex 
>>o rm dis mirror-plex-name) after mirroing volume.
>>Also if i need to bring the mirror plex volume what should be the 
>>procedure?Thanks in Advance.
>>bash-2.05# /etc/vx/bin/vxresize -F vxfs -g testdg testvol +100g
>>vxvm:vxresize: ERROR: vxvm:vxassist: ERROR: Cannot allocate space 
>>grow volume to 2139103232 blocks
>>vxvm:vxresize: ERROR: Problem running vxassist command for volume 
>>testvol, in diskgroup testdg
>>bash-2.05# vxassist -g testdg maxsize layout=striped
>>Maximum volume size: 486608896 (237602Mb)
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