SUMMARY: multiple uplinks for fail-safe Ethernet

From: Chuck <>
Date: Wed Jul 19 2006 - 10:46:30 EDT
Thanks Michael, Dave, David, Aaron, Hutin and Loris and those who reply before this gets thru the list.
  It looks like IPMP (IP Multipathing) and this doc will help too.
  Chuck S.

Chuck <> wrote:
  I have some systems that I want to see if I can setup a more reliable Ethernet by having redundant Ethernet links.  I checked the FAQ and dont see anything there on this topic and thought to ask the list.   I would like to connect one host to TWO DIFFERENT Cisco SWITCHES with one interface active and one waiting to take over.  Is this possible?  I know with interface bonding I can have multiple links go to the same switch, but added speed is not my goal; it is added reliability.  The Cisco switches will have their spanning tree turned on so that there will be multiple paths to each switch without network loops.
  I also have a bit of a slightly off-topic second part to this query: does anyone knows of a Linux implementation of the above as I maintain both system types
  Thanks in advance and I will summarize unless I got no input at all,
Chuck S.


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