SUMMARY: Number of files on every mounted Filesystem

From: <>
Date: Fri Jul 07 2006 - 08:17:10 EDT
OK, I should've thought more throughly before I posted that...
Of course nr_of_file != nr_of_inodes.
I just needed the number of files on a filesystem, not inodes (and that
number doesn't even have to be that precise), and
I was just curious if there's another way than find to find out (ls -R
But then, as I like to say (in german, sorry, not translatable): Find ist
dein Freund...

Thanks to those who made things clear for me again..


I am looking for alternatives for a seemingly simple question:
I need the number of files on every mounted filesystem on the system. So
far, I know I can use
find -mount /mountpoint, which is OK, but I can only run that as root if I
want to catch every file.
Then there's the output of df -t, which shows, as far as I know, the number
of free and total inodes (?),
but if I subtract one from the other, that number sometimes differs from
that one I get from find quite substantially.
Am i missing something here?
Mit freundlichen Gr|_en / with kind regards
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