SUMMARY /not: Multisite NIS/Automount best practices?

From: Michael Coxe <>
Date: Thu Jul 06 2006 - 15:07:17 EDT
Hi all,

I received 3 replies, none of which addressed directly
my question.

  1 suggested using LDAP
  1 addressed security concerns, which was not the focus
  1 suggested using local files instead of NIS, using rsync
    to replicate files

So, if interested please reread my original post (included),
& if you have a solution that *uses* NIS, please email me and
I'll summarize.


   - michael

   Michael Coxe, IT
   Opsware, Inc
   Sunnyvale, CA

------------ ORIGINAL POST --------------

> Hello Sun admins,
> I want to know what folks are doing to manage their multiple
> site NIS/Automount maps & environments. Are there general
> best practices? If so, neither the Sun Summaries archives nor
> googling have offered a solution, or even a discussion.
> Our situation is simple: 1 main site with 2 smaller, distant
> development sites. NIS only, no NIS+. NIS servers on Solaris 9.
> The passwd, shadow & group maps are universal and could be
> pushed by the NIS master or pulled by secondaries.
> The home directory map (auto_home) must be unique per site
> (no NFS over wan, even with tcp). A growing number of users
> have homes at more than 1 site, so it would be cool to have a
> central, parsable master file containing all home paths, with
> site specific maps generated from it via a script executed
> by the /var/yp/Makefile.
> Other maps such as /shared (OS/release specific bin/lib/src/etc)
> and /clearcase are unique per site but are essentially static
> and can be manually updated on the rare occasion.
> So our needs primarily revolve around home directories. But
> hopefully a solution would be adaptable to other map needs.
> Will summarize replies with details, as I bet there are a number
> of different solutions.
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