SUMMARY: Second IP for a zone?

From: Xavier Mertens <>
Date: Thu Jul 06 2006 - 05:39:09 EDT
Thanks to Peter, Joon for their quick reply!

It must be done from the global zone.
There are two methods:

1. Via zonecfg:
zonecfg -z zone1
add net
set physical=bge0
set address=

2. Via ifconfig:
ifconfig bge0:2 plumb netmask + broadcast + up
ifconfig bge0:2 zone zone1

The first method needs to reboot the zone. But the second one can be done on a live zone (exactly what I expected!)


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Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2006 10:33:18 +0200 (CEST)
From: Xavier Mertens <>
Subject: Second IP for a zone?

Hi *,

A question relative to zones IP address...
My global zone runs on a server with a bge0 interface.
zone1 runs with IP on bge0:1.

Now, I would like to configure zone1 to use also
Do I need to edit the zone config one more time (and use "add net") or this can be done "live" ? 

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