SUMMARY: Can't see new LUNs on Solaris 8 server

From: Tiemuzhen Khan <>
Date: Tue Jul 04 2006 - 12:12:05 EDT
Thanks to Andrey Borzenkov, Shyam Hazari, Dave Markham and Ian Mcginley for
their responses. Additionally, I received only two out of office messages,
both from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan/Blue Care Network of Michigan

As it turns out, I wasn't able to get it to see the new LUNs without
rebooting. C'est la vie.

The advice I received was as follows:

1. Try cfgadm. Although I hadn't mentioned it, I had--this doesn't seem to
be useful with the HBAs this particular machine has. Works like a charm with
the Sun-branded qlogic cards on some of the other machines.

2. Try updating /kernel/drv/sd.conf and then running update_drv -f sd. I
did, but apparently that doesn't help on Solaris 8. On Solaris 9 you can
reload sd.conf on the fly.

Andrey also pointed out that I hadn't mentioned which entries in
/kernel/drv/sd.conf I had modified, which would have been helpful. As it
turns out, I did have that covered.

3. Try luxadm -e forcelip <path>. I couldn't get this to work.

4. Look at the Leadville/SAN Foundation drivers from Sun. These are supposed
to be able to detect LUN changes on the fly. I'll have to see if these are
compatible, of course.

Thanks again,


---------- Original message ----------

I have a server which can't see some new LUNs (actually a flash copy from
the SAN). We're trying to get some important testing done and (naturally)
don't want to reboot.

It's Solaris 8, with a pair of Emulex HBAs (lpfc driver 5.02c, not sure what
the precise model is). It's attached to an IBM SVC. There are already five
LUNs attached. For multipath drivers, we're using IBM's SDD drivers and
Veritas Volume Manager (with the VRTSsanvc library which allows the SDD
drivers to work with Veritas).

I've run lputil, devfsadm, drvlinks and disks without any luck. It just
won't see the new LUNs.

If I run devfsadm -v, I get a number of errors like this:

devfsadm[16463]: verbose: removing node /devices/pci@21d,600000:devctl.
invalid st_rdev
devfsadm[16463]: verbose: mknod /devices/pci@21d,600000:devctl 0l/3l/20600

But no additional LUNs appear.

Unfortunately I can't tell you if I was getting these before--I didn't think
to run devfsdam with the -v flag until after the LUNs should have been

My suspicion is that I need to add more entries in /kernel/drv/sd.conf in
order to see the LUNs. I've tried that, but still nothing. So do I need to
reboot? Or have I just added the wrong entries? How do you tell which
entries in /kernel/drv/sd.conf you need to add? If I've got it wrong I can't
figure it out from prtconf, etc.

Here are the devices for the existing LUNs from IBM's showvpath (the output
is a bit cleaner than format), showing each LUN (as IBM's vpath device) and
all the paths to it.

vpath1:         Serial Number: 600507680190013DC800000000000008
  c4t0d0s0      /devices/pci@fd,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@0,0:a,raw
  c4t1d0s0      /devices/pci@fd,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@1,0:a,raw
  c4t2d0s0      /devices/pci@fd,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@2,0:a,raw
  c4t3d0s0      /devices/pci@fd,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@3,0:a,raw
  c5t0d0s0      /devices/pci@21d,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@0,0:a,raw
  c5t1d0s0      /devices/pci@21d,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@1,0:a,raw
  c5t2d0s0      /devices/pci@21d,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@2,0:a,raw
  c5t3d0s0      /devices/pci@21d,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5 /sd@3,0:a,raw

vpath2:         Serial Number: 600507680190013DC80000000000000A
  c4t0d1s0      /devices/pci@fd,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@0,1:a,raw
  c4t1d1s0      /devices/pci@fd,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5 /sd@1,1:a,raw
  c4t2d1s0      /devices/pci@fd,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@2,1:a,raw
  c4t3d1s0      /devices/pci@fd,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@3,1:a,raw
  c5t0d1s0      /devices/pci@21d,600000/pci@1/fibre- channel@5/sd@0,1:a,raw
  c5t1d1s0      /devices/pci@21d,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@1,1:a,raw
  c5t2d1s0      /devices/pci@21d,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@2,1:a,raw
  c5t3d1s0      /devices/pci@21d,600000/pci@1 /fibre-channel@5/sd@3,1:a,raw

vpath4:         Serial Number: 600507680190013DC80000000000000F
  c4t0d2s0      /devices/pci@fd,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@0,2:a,raw
  c4t1d2s0      /devices/pci@fd,600000/pci@1 /fibre-channel@5/sd@1,2:a,raw
  c4t2d2s0      /devices/pci@fd,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@2,2:a,raw
  c4t3d2s0      /devices/pci@fd,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@3,2:a,raw
  c5t0d2s0      /devices/pci@21d, 600000/pci@1 /fibre-channel@5/sd@0,2:a,raw
  c5t1d2s0      /devices/pci@21d,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@1,2:a,raw
  c5t2d2s0      /devices/pci@21d,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@2,2:a,raw
  c5t3d2s0      /devices/pci@21d, 600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@3,2:a,raw

vpath5:         Serial Number: 600507680190013DC800000000000019
  c4t0d3s0      /devices/pci@fd,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@0,3:a,raw
  c4t1d3s0      /devices/pci@fd, 600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@1,3:a,raw
  c4t2d3s0      /devices/pci@fd,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@2,3:a,raw
  c4t3d3s0      /devices/pci@fd,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@3,3:a,raw
  c5t0d3s0      /devices/pci@21d, 600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@0,3:a,raw
  c5t1d3s0      /devices/pci@21d,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@1,3:a,raw
  c5t2d3s0      /devices/pci@21d,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@2,3:a,raw
  c5t3d3s0      /devices/pci@21d, 600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@3,3:a,raw

vpath6:         Serial Number: 600507680190013DC80000000000001A
  c4t0d4s0      /devices/pci@fd,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@0,4:a,raw
  c4t1d4s0      /devices/pci@fd, 600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@1,4:a,raw
  c4t2d4s0      /devices/pci@fd,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@2,4:a,raw
  c4t3d4s0      /devices/pci@fd,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@3,4:a,raw
  c5t0d4s0      /devices/pci@21d, 600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@0,4:a,raw
  c5t1d4s0      /devices/pci@21d,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@1,4:a,raw
  c5t2d4s0      /devices/pci@21d,600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@2,4:a,raw
  c5t3d4s0      /devices/pci@21d, 600000/pci@1/fibre-channel@5/sd@3,4:a,raw


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