SUMMARY: obp diag output interpretation

Date: Fri Jun 30 2006 - 10:18:22 EDT
Only got one response from Gary confirming the first number. The second is
probably the core number.

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Subject: obp diag output interpretation

If the diag-level is max or the key switch is set to diag the POST will
generate all kinds of interesting output. I found a Sun document for
interpreting POST results from the ESB Overall Status (doc id 78066) but I
canbt find anything that explains what is happening during the POST run.
For example:

0:0>Jump from OBP->POST.
0:0>diag-switch? configuration variable set TRUE.
0:0>Diag level set to MAX.
0:0>Verbosity level set to MAX.
0:0>MFG scrpt mode set NORM
0:0>I/O port set to serial TTYA.
0:0>Start selftest...
2:0>Parking core 1
3:0>Parking core 1
0:0>Parking core 1
1:0>Parking core 1

I think the first number is the CPU, but what is the second one? Has anyone a
reference for interpreting the POST output? I Googled,  and searched
sunmanagers, and sunsolve.
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