SUMMARY: Antivirus Scanner for Solaris

From: Cohen, Laurence <>
Date: Thu Jun 29 2006 - 17:04:43 EDT
In the .mil world, if following STIG regulations there are only 3 options
right now, which I didn't know until after I sent my original request.  The 3
options are Symantec, Mcaffee, and Trend Micro.  The DISA web site only
provided Symantec for the Solaris operating system, so I had to figure out how
to make it work.  I finally was able to do this by setting the HOME
environment variable to /tmp because the permissions on the /root directory
are 700 (also a STIG regulation).

For those of you who replied that an antivirus program for Unix isn't needed,
this is naove.  Windows and Unix systems send email to each other, share files
with each other, and sometimes even share filesystems with each other.  If a
virus gets on a Unix system which shares information with a Windows system,
the Unix system becomes a carrier, even though it may never contract the
disease.  There are also rootkits and worms which definitely affect Unix
systems, and newer virus protection software checks for these things.

Thank you to all who answered my query, and may your systems remain virus

Laurence H Cohen

SRA International

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From: Cohen, Laurence
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Subject: Antivirus Scanner for Solaris

Does anyone know of a command line antivirus scanner for Solaris.  I tried the
Symantec Antivirus engine and command line scanner but could not get the
engine installed on any of my systems.


Laurence H Cohen

SRA International
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