SUMMARY: Moving SVM volumes to a new server

From: Charlie Schluting <>
Date: Wed Jun 28 2006 - 14:58:20 EDT
Thanks: Steve Harris and Kristopher.

The answer is simply to move in and run metainit -a, after I've
created new mdb replicas on the new server. can be generated with metastat -p on the source system, and
then edited to taste. Alternatively, is the same, but gets
edited by SVM.
d8 -p /dev/dsk/c10t256000C0FFC08D80d0s0 -o 251691011 -b 104857600

So since it's a SAN-attached FC device, the only thing that may need
to be changed is the controller, c10.

I keep forgetting that you can re-init (metainit) existing SVM
volumes. Thanks guys!


On 6/28/06, Charlie Schluting <> wrote:
> Howdy.
> I'm wondering if anyone has done this before? I've got a few arrays
> SAN-attached, and I'll be moving them to a new file server. I'm using
> SVM on most LUNs, and I'm not seeing a nice way to accomplish this.
> Copying /etv/lvm and /kernel/drv/md.conf would work, except for the
> fact that the new server won't have the state databse.
> Changing device paths shouldn't be a problem, SVM (metadevfsadm)
> handles this nicely. So I suppose my question is really: how does one
> "copy" a state database and move it to another server?
> Many Thanks,
> -Charlie
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