SUMMARY: Cannot replace failed disk

From: Brian Lucas <>
Date: Wed Jun 28 2006 - 01:04:57 EDT
Thanks to Kiem Nguyen for his assistance.

Here are the steps I took

Kiem's suggestion
vxdctl enable

At that point, I used vxdskadm and was able to add the failed disk on
c0t24d0.  The mount was still unusable though.  So, I used vxreattach,
umount, vxmend, vxvol, fsck, and finally was able to mount the volume

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Subject: Cannot replace failed disk

Can someone assist me? I believe I've hit this but I
don't have a support contract to get the resolution steps.

The short and sweet:
San0,r8 failed and was swapped
San0,f8 no display (no path found) while r8 shows okay though I can't
add it using vxdiskadm.

I will gladly supply more information.  It's an E4500 connected to it
and right now my 3rd volume is messed up.

root@db1 / 413 #% vxdisk list
DEVICE       TYPE      DISK         GROUP        STATUS
c0t0d0s2     sliced    rootdisk     rootdg       online
c0t1d0s2     sliced    u01dg01      u01dg        online
c0t2d0s2     sliced    u01dg02      u01dg        online
c0t3d0s2     sliced    u02dg01      u02dg        online
c0t4d0s2     sliced    u02dg02      u02dg        online
c0t5d0s2     sliced    u02dg03      u02dg        online
c0t6d0s2     sliced    u02dg04      u02dg        online
c0t7d0s2     sliced    u03dg01      u03dg        online
c0t8d0s2     sliced    -            -            error
c0t9d0s2     sliced    u03dg03      u03dg        online
c0t10d0s2    sliced    u03dg04      u03dg        online
c0t16d0s2    sliced    rootdiskm    rootdg       online
c0t17d0s2    sliced    u01dg03      u01dg        online
c0t18d0s2    sliced    u01dg04      u01dg        online
c0t19d0s2    sliced    u02dg05      u02dg        online
c0t20d0s2    sliced    u02dg06      u02dg        online
c0t21d0s2    sliced    u02dg07      u02dg        online
c0t22d0s2    sliced    u02dg08      u02dg        online
c0t23d0s2    sliced    u03dg05      u03dg        online
c0t24d0s2    sliced    -            -            error
c0t25d0s2    sliced    u03dg07      u03dg        online
c0t26d0s2    sliced    u03dg08      u03dg        online
-            -         u03dg02      u03dg        failed was:c0t8d0s2
-            -         u03dg06      u03dg        failed was:c0t24d0s2
root@db1 / 414 #%
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