SUMMARY: Debugging option

From: Robert K <>
Date: Fri Jun 23 2006 - 10:58:56 EDT
Hello Managers
  Thanks for all the responses and most of them are working.
  Bill R. Williams
  Jim VanBrocklin
  Try the command 'script'
man script 
  script  makes a record of a terminal session.When you run a script it actually forks a new shell and starts logging to a file (default "typescript").Both the commands you enter and the output of those commands will be logged to typescript.When you have everything you want to capture, just 'exit' the shell and 'script' will terminate leaving you with a log of the whole session.
  Dave Markham
  Lineberger, Aaron
  Christopher McNabb
  Steve Sandau
  D Smythe
  Sanjiv K Bhatia
  sh ./filename | tee -a /var/log/filename.log 2>&1
sh ./filename > /var/log/filename.log 2>&1
  ksh -x filename > ./testfile 2>&1 
  sh -x 2>&1 | more
sh -n > log.txt 2>&1
sh -n filename 2> ./testfile
  sh -xv filename 2>&1 |more
sh -xv 2>&1 > .testfile

  Shyam Hazari
  Add "set -x" for debugging to the script
  Thanks for all your recommendations.


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