SUMMARY: Script or tool for extracting Explorer output

From: Benoit Audet <>
Date: Thu Jun 22 2006 - 09:31:01 EDT
Well, It seems to be hard to find...   ...and I didn't!  :-(

However, I had 3 interesting replies pointing me out to 3 kind of tools.

The first was from Bertrand Hutin who sent me a collection of Perl scripts: 
among other thins, his solution puts a web interface around the text files 
structure of the explorer (you can browse through files from a web browser 
instead of via a filesystem...).

The second one was from Pascal Grostabussiat, who wrote a little app called 
"whatabout", and this app is gathering information on your system and 
creates a sort of summary-listing-file.  It's not using the Explorer 
outputs, however, it gathers its own data.

The third one was from Laurence Moughan, who directed me to 
"docunix".  This is the closest solution from my needs I had at this 
time.  This is a tool installing a little web server: you create "clients" 
and can then analyse outputs created from the Explorer.  You can get this 
app here:

This is very nice to automate and concentrate the explorer outputs in an 
environment, and to manage these.  But it lacks in therm of "analysis" and 
reports...   ...and this is my primary need, unfortunately.  As far as I 
can remember, the Explorer output generated by Sun show very useful 
information, in a userfriendly-way.

Thanks to all who responded!  If anyone has another solution, I'm still 
open to it, so feel free to feed me on this!  :-)

Ben Audet

>Hi fellow managers,
>Is there someone here hou gets a tool or a script that could help me
>generate a kind of report (web or text based - I don't really care) based
>on the Sun's Explorer tool?
>I know this is probably a frequently asked question, and I guest that it
>has been answered many times, but I just can't find anything else than "No,
>there's isn't. You must send it to Sun to get a report.".
>So, if someone could give me a pointer to a solution, this would help me
>very much more than going through all the files produces as output!!  ;-)
>Thanks in advance to all of you.
>Ben Audet
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