SUMMARY: E450 400 Mhz crashing repeatedly

From: Bruce Shaw <>
Date: Wed Jun 21 2006 - 18:35:03 EDT
Thanks to Luc I. Suryo...

>> This looks like the notorious e-cache problem, but I've already pulled
>> CPU to no affect.  The problem seems to travel.

>I could be wrong... BUT the 400Mhz with the Ecache problem were the one
>with 8MB cache which is not supported by the SE450.. it can do the 4MB
>cache version..

and James Scott...

>> Jun 21 01:05:35 summit  double word offset=0, Memory Module <170x> port
>> Jun 21 10:50:01 summit     UDBL Syndrome 0x36 Memory Module 170x

>Can you the box in maintenance mode so that it can run extensive tests to
see if that points out a particular problem?

...who also suggested prtdiag -v which gave me a clue that it's a memory
problem in bank 3.  I put the previously removed CPU back in, pulled the
offending RAM and am trying it overnight.  However, James points out...

>That's the funny thing about some of these boxes.. sometimes a problem is
masked by another component.  
>It could be that you did find the problem initially but another problem
just popped up.  These are old 
>boxes you know so I wouldn't be surprised.  I had a 480R that complained
about a memory problem on one 
>DIMM.  I swapped that one out and another two came up with issues.  I
replaced the entire set and it 
>came up for a while then crashed.  It complained about memory and CPU
issues.  Turned out that there 
>was a combination of issues.  Took a little time but we got it up and

...leading me to take tdiallo's suggestion...

>Better call SUN  I think you have harware problem

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