SUMMARY: SMC unable to login

From: LOEWENTHAL Simon <>
Date: Wed Jun 21 2006 - 12:04:57 EDT
We changed from the default __unix__ to Blowfish.
I changed back to the traditional unix algorithm and I could log into
the SMC.  

Thanks to Steve Sandau who solved the problem.

Is there a patch for this?


Steve Sandau wrote:

> LOEWENTHAL Simon wrote:
>> Dear knowledgeable ones,
>> After having a little hunt for the alternative to metatool I found the
>> SMC.  (/usr/sbin/smc).  I prefer the shell, but sometimes I need a good
>> visual overview of what I'm doing with discs.
>> However, the SMC won't let me log in as root, or any other user but root
>> is the only useful one.  The last time I used this GUI was early last
>> year, and root password has changed many times since then.  I am
>> definably entering the correct password;  I Have checked this over ten
>> times.
> I had problems with SMC logins on solaris 9 when I changed the
> password hash to MD5 from the default. Evidently SMC can't do MD5. I
> had to change the hash (or at least the root user's) back to the default.
> Steve
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