Summary:error 10 when running on Oracle RAC

From: David Cecchino <>
Date: Mon Jun 12 2006 - 09:02:06 EDT
Hi - I posted the below back in May, I have resolved this issue and just
providing the followup answer:

The resolution was to fix the permission for oracle account to read vcsmm
device. The installer for Oracle10GR2 does not read the network devices
properly when choosing public/private or actually it doesn't even show up at
all, also after the installation if both nodes don't have permission for
oracle to read vcsmm device the will exit with status code 10. The
error is different in Linux note 344994.1 which is linked to a multi-pathing
issuem not related to Solaris exit status 10.

I have a Solaris 10 v880 cluster system with EMC mounted disk drives, SFRAC
4.1/VM4.1. I am running into an issue where our dba is receiving an error 10
when running for the initial CRS install , Oracle 10G R2. The DBA
came up with a document from meta-link (Note 344994.1) , but that seems to
deal with Linux multi-pathing. The fix is to bind raw devices to multi-path
devices, does this seem right?

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