SUMMARY: License Key database is corrupt.

From: Marco Greene <>
Date: Tue Jun 06 2006 - 14:53:17 EDT
Well it would look like I am screwed on this one.  Unless I can somehow get
the license keys from Sun.  Thanks to all that replied and especially to Sal
who showed me the license install screen that clearly indicates that the
file can not be copied or restored.  The license key must be re-installed.

That sucks.

Oh well.

Just to clarify...

Thanks for the responses so far but they are all pointing to the fact that I
should use the same machine or I need to re-install the license keys.

I did copy the hostid and mac address over using the open boot prom
commands.  I know this worked properly because CA Autosys is working and it
relies on the hostid.  For those who are interested in how that is is the procedure

OK 0 0 mkp
OK 8 0 20 33 11 fe 803311fe mkpl
^d^r (ctrl d followed by a ctrl r)

The IP Address is also the same which is the reason this machine is not
connected to our network.  Also the IP Address shouldn't matter because I
did change the IP address in the past a few times because it moved between
locations and if it did matter, the license file would have been corrupt at
that point.

The reason I am restoring to alternate hardware is two fold.  1)  To test
disaster recovery of the system and 2) to upgrade the disk capacity.  This
is an old system so I need to know I can move the server to alternate
hardware in the event that my current hardware bites the bucket.

I need to be able to restore because I was not in charge of this system when
it was first built out and I don't have the license key certificates.  The
company has changed hands a few times and the server has also moved around
quite a bit.  In fact it speaks highly of the quality of the Sun hardware
and OS that it has survived this long with all of the moves and different
system admins it has endured.

So really what I need to know is how do I restore the license file...or I
guess the better question is how do I back it up.  It doesn't seem like any
of the license database files are open according to fusers so I didn't think
that open files would be an issue.


Hi all,

This machine is running Solaris 2.5.1 on an E4500.  I am in the process of 
restoring it to another E4500 as I need to upgrade the disk capacity and I 
can not afford for this system to be down for the two or three days it would

take for me to do it on the current machine.  Everything is working fine 
with the application; however, I am getting a problem with the LMF product.

I have copied over the hostid and mac-address (This system is currrently not

connected to my produciton network).

All of the applications work fine (Oracle)...except of course the Sun C 
compiler because of the error below:

MF-LMF:Mon Jun  5 11:14:28 2006: LMF Starting
MF-LMF:Mon Jun  5 11:14:28 2006: License Key database is corrupt!
MF-LMF:Mon Jun  5 11:14:28 2006: LMF Closing Down

Any helpful suggestions (other than I shouldn't be running Solaris 2.5.1 or 
I should upgrade the OS)?  I have thought of that but this system is running

an old version of the application and upgrading will be done at very great 
risk which I am not willing to take on at this point.

On my current production machine the license key is not corrupt?  When I 
restore, why is it corrupt on this machine?  Any advise would be greatly 
appreciated and I will summarize.

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