Summary: T2000 SC question

From: Langston, Jim <>
Date: Wed May 24 2006 - 17:04:16 EDT
I received a few emails, but we had the luxury of shutting down the
systems and unplugging the power for about 5 minutes.  We powered them
up and the amber light went away.



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I'm real green when it comes to T2000 servers and Solaris 10.  I just
finished setting up 2 T2000 servers today.  When they were racked and
stacked in our server room, one of the power cords wasn't plugged in all
the way and it created an error event within the sc ALOM processor.  We
plugged it in completely, and the error went away, but the amber light
on the front is still lit up.  How can I get that removed?  Showfaults
doesn't return any problems.  I'm sure there are some guru's out there
to help out this Solaris 10 newbie. :-) :-)


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