SUMMARY: Amber Lights on V490s

From: Joe A <>
Date: Wed May 24 2006 - 13:47:56 EDT
  Thanks to:
  Jeff C
  Nick B
  Andreas H 
  Stan P
  Thank you all for those who replied, offered ideas, tips/suggestions.
  The power cords are plugged into 110va instead to outlet that is of 200-240vac. 
  The RSC can get powered little amount power which provided me with loging prompt
  I cannot login since I[and SUN] never set it up. You have bein Sun os to set it up.
  I have 2 v490s that just came in after much waiting.
  I plugged it in and all I see is amber lights on both servers.
  What could be the problem? Any ideas
  Please dont refer me to sunsolve: I dont have access to it.

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