SUMMARY: Setup D1000 on a 4500

From: Mohamed Gombolaty <>
Date: Wed May 24 2006 - 12:59:47 EDT
Dear All,

Thanks for the great support and for sharing ideas and thoughts, and
thanks to it I was able to resolve my problem.

Now the setup was correct and the open boot could see the hardisks on
the storage but the OS couldn't, I wasn't noticing a parity error that
goes by fast in the process, which meant there was a component in the
setup causing the error, the open boot could see it because it doesn't
send flows of data like the OS does and makes it undetetcted for the
open boot.  I have checked my termination unit and while I was looking
up the scsi cable I found a pin touching another one (not in a sexual
manner ;-) ), returning the pin to it's position everything went fine
and saved some dollars from buying a new cable.

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