SUMMARY: monitoring solution

From: Alex Stade <>
Date: Thu May 25 2006 - 14:23:27 EDT
Thanks to all who replied. I received 26 replies, so I am opting to not 
list your names - but thank you all!

Overwhemlingly, Nagios is recommended for monitoring and notification. 
For trend analysis about 60% of you recommend Cacti. Very few suggested 
commercial solutions, which to me suggests that there really isn't much 
good software out there for sale.

We're already using Nagios in-house, so we'll look at keeping it around. 
  However, the suggestion of Cacti was great, so we'll certainly look at 
that as well.

The software packages that you mentioned were;

Big Brother,,
Big Sister,
ProIT Monitoring, (sparc only)
GroundWork Monitor,
Lund MetaView,

Again, thank you all and if I neglected to mention a software package or 
  seemingly omitted your advice, I apologize.

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