SUMMARY: Network problems

From: Seth Rothenberg <>
Date: Mon May 22 2006 - 15:22:52 EDT
I got one reply to this - Thanks to 
for the suggestion in the future NOT to CHANGE settings,
but just to RESET the port on the switch.

(Changing settings automatically RESETs the port,
and that may have been what was really needed)

(Datacenter management informs me that there was no
fluctuation in power delivered into the Data center by the UPS 
during the grid outage)

>>> "Seth Rothenberg" <> 05/10/06 11:21 AM
When the server came up, we had another problem!
"anar not set with speed selection"  repeating numerous times in

My colleague recalled that he had seen this on one of our other
He requested our network guys to switch to "AutoNegotiate" - 

Whereas the switch and the server were BOTH set for 100/FULL  
and it was resolved by changing the SWITCH side to autonegotiate.
The server remains at 100/Full.
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