SUMMARY: (not resolved) jumpstart won't due to rules.ok issue - checked archives, probably not the same issue

From: Dan Stromberg <>
Date: Thu May 18 2006 - 22:29:05 EDT
Here's an intermediate summary - hopefully another later when the
problem is resolved.

1) Lots of people asked if I had NFS running on the server.  Yes, I do.
The same server serves up Solaris 10 03/2005 fine; it's when I try to do
Solaris 10 01/2006 that I have trouble.  Also, when my test machine is
running Solaris 10 03/2005, I can NFS mount the relevant filesystems
indicated in my bootparams line - so it'll mount the same stuff fine in
another context

2) One poster asked if I'd used add_install_client.  I must confess, I
didn't.  I used a program I wrote that works somewhat similarly, and has
been working for us smoothly since about Solaris 2.5, maybe earlier.

3) Duplicate entries in ethers?  Nope, my program eliminates them and
tells you it's eliminating them.  But I checked anyway, and no, no
duplicate ethers entries

4) Someone suggested that the jumpstart directory must be off of /.
Odd, we've never had that problem before, but there is some Sun doc that
suggests this is the case.  However, I gave it a try, and no dice :(

5) Someone suggested dfshares, to be sure I'm sharing what I think I'm
sharing.  That's a cool command, but it does seem to be sharing what I
want.  However, it raises the interesting issue that I'm exporting
symlinks...  But that doesn't seem to help - eliminating the symlinks,
that is

6) Someone suggested checking Solaris_10/Tools/Boot/netmask, so I did,
and that appears to have, which is what I need.  BTW, not
all of our machines have the same netmask - I hope that won't be a
problem for us someday

7) I decided to study a packet sniff in more detail, and found that the
last few packets are:

V3 Getattr from client to server
V3 Getattr response from server to client
1024 -> NFS from client to server
Three Gratuitous ARP's, in which the client asks for its own IP address

...which kind of suggests a network problem.  I -may- be able to get
some network equipment replaced (not definite at all), but it makes me
wonder if I could work around it by turning off NFS v3 or forcing TCP or
whatever on the jumpstart (NFS) server, which leads me to ask: What's
the magic incantation in /etc/default/nfs to restrict NFS to v2 only, or
to UDP only?


> Hi folks.
> I need to get Solaris 10 01/06 set up for jumpstarting.
> We have the first Solaris 10 set up already, and it's working fine.  
> But seemingly doing the same thing with the 01/06 release is having 
> problems.
> Specifically, when I try to jumpstart a box, I get the "searching for 
> jumpstart directory\nnot found\n" error described at 
> l , but it doesn't appear to be a netmask issue like that thread 
> terminated with.
> I think it's probably not a netmask issue, because the netmask of our 
> server is, and so is the netmask of the client.  We've 
> had a persistent problem with jumpstarting machines from a subnet 
> other than the one the jumpstart server is on, and I've been working 
> around that by commenting out the line that tries to "fix" the netmask

> from to (this eliminates an NFS timeout), so

> I suspected that might've been related, but I backed out my change so 
> that the netmask could be made for this 
> same-subnet-as-the-server test host, and still had the same problem - 
> "searching for jumpstart directory" followed by "not found".
> I can see the rules.ok file being looked up in a packet sniff.
> I tried reducing our rules file the following (it's normally on the 
> large side), some for sun4u and some others for everything else, and 
> regenerated rules.ok, but that didn't help either:
>         karch sun4u && disksize rootdisk 200-1050             -
> configs/user+use_0          after
>         karch sun4u && disksize rootdisk 1051-1500            -
> configs/prog+use_0          after
>         karch sun4u                                           -
> configs/all+use_0+bigvar    after
>         disksize rootdisk 1100-9999                           -
> configs/all+use_3           after
>         disksize rootdisk 511-1100                            -
> configs/prog+use_3          after
>         disksize rootdisk 200-510                             -
> configs/user+use_3          after
>         disksize rootdisk 0-200                               -
> configs/dinky+use_3         after
> Is there anything else I should be trying?
> Thanks!
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