SUMMARY: Setting a ulimit value in /etc/system

From: Scott, James <>
Date: Tue May 16 2006 - 10:45:37 EDT
Thanks to:
  Jonathan Birchall
  Casper Dik
  David B. Harrington
  Aaron Lineberger
  Eric Voisard
  Syed Sulhilmi

  I need to set the ulimit -s value to 32768 from the default 8192 in the
/etc/system file.  Does anyone know the correct syntax?

 Set the ulimit -s 32786 in /etc/profile.

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Subject: Setting a ulimit value in the system file

 I need to change the stack segment size limit on several servers.  ulimit -a
shows a stack size of 8192.  How do I change that value in the kernel file
(/etc/system) to be 32768?  I've been looking for the correct parameter but
no avail.

OS: Solaris 8
Arch: Sparc

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