SUMMARY: Boot 64-bit kernel on HP DL380?

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Date: Wed May 17 2006 - 03:22:27 EDT
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Hi agn,

first of all, thanks to: Scott Lawson [],
Luc I. Suryo [],
Michael Petereit [],
Felix Schattschneider [],
Casper.Dik@Sun.COM and
Bob []
for their quick and reliable replies.
And, I apologize, of course the DL380 has XEON- and not AMD-CPUs - mixed up
things a little bit, sorry...
Well, and the XEON CPU is also the cause: The newest XEON CPUs (more than
3.2 GHz) are *really* EMT64-capable, the older ones not. It seems that
Solaris relies on EMT64 capability, so, it's impossible to boot a 64-Bit
kernel on these machines. (Casper Dik gave me some further tips, regarding
using the newest patches, the latest "Nevada bits" and so on - see his
posting below). Maybe it's possible to get it working with some tweaks, but,
I will now reintsall the machine with RedHat AS, 'cause I think this is the
fastest way to get it up and running in 64-Bit mode. So, my conclusion is
that it's better to use this machines with other operating systems (or, the
better way, use SUN machines, since they are cheaper and support 64-Bit mode
out of the box, :-)).

Here's Casper last posting (thanks for the tips, Casper!), if someone likes
to try it:

But not all Xeons are 64 bit capable though the "dual core" bits
supposedly are (they're not dual core, though, they're just two
CPUs in one package)

Perhaps you can try regenerating the boot archive; strangely, though,
the HP pages list SOlaris 10 only supported in 32 bit mode on the DL380
whereas other OSes are supported in 64 bit mode.

If you can reinstall, have you tried the latest "Nevada bits"?
(Solaris Express)

Or the latest kernel patches/updates?

BIOS settings perhaps?

Have a nice hackin',


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Betreff: Boot 64-bit kernel on HP DL380?

Hi gurus,

I have a problem with a HP DL 380 running solaris 10 x86 here:

Although it's obvious that this is a 64-bit system, the machine boots a
32-bit kernel, as isainfo -v tells me:

root@suppenkaspar # isainfo -v
32-bit i386 applications
        pause sse2 sse fxsr mmx cmov sep cx8 tsc fpu

Hm, since we'd like to use this as an Oracle DB-Server, it's not very
nice to use the 32-bit version...
I've tried to add the amd64/genunix-kernel to the menu.lst of GRUB, with
the following entry:

title Solaris 10 1/06 s10x_u1wos_19a X86
root (hd0,0,a)
kernel /platform/i86pc/multiboot kernel/amd64/genunix
module /platform/i86pc/boot_archive

But, with this entry, the machine refuses to boot, it just gives the
following error message:
panic: cannot open kernel/amd64/genunix
Press any key to reboot

I've also tried /kernel/amd64/genunix, also without success...

Machine is an HP DL380 with two 2.8 GHz CPUs and 4 GB memory, and OS is
Solaris 10 x86 rel. 1/06 with EIS-patches from April 06.

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance, will (of course) summarize,


Harald Husemann
Systems Engineer
Materna Gmbh - Vosskuhle 37 -
D-44141 Dortmund, Germany
Phone:  +49-231-9505-222
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