SUMMARY: Metadevice issue

From: Bhavesh Shah <>
Date: Tue May 16 2006 - 19:09:18 EDT
Thanks to all for their help and suggetions especially Michael Maciolek, 
thomas Payerle and Darren Dunham.

Solution: As Thomas pointed out the error message explains what to do. I 
also found the link after googling

which explains the problem and solution. I had to delete all the metadb 
which were in unknown state. Once i deleted the same i was able to boot 
normally. Howerver i still need to find out how do i recover data from 
the failed metadevice as none of the disks shows failed now.
Thanks to all

Darren Dunham wrote:

>>Hi Gurus,
>>I have two D1000 attached to Sun Netra T105 both are configured with 
>>Disksuite metadevice. Last week in one of the D1000 three disks failed 
>>and since then box didn't came up. When i boot the box it gives 
>>following error:
>>NOTICE: md: mddb: parsing error on 'sd:143:-1'
>>NOTICE: md: mddb: parsing error on 'sd:159:-1'
>>metainit: sciaswls04: stale databases
>>Insufficient metadevice database replicas located.
>>Use metadb to delete databases which are broken.
>>Ignore any "Read-only file system" error messages.
>>Reboot the system when finished to reload the metadevice database.
>>After reboot, repair any broken database replicas which were deleted.
>>I can't modify any files. All filessytems are read-only. If i try to 
>>edit vfstab or system files to disable both metadevices. It gives an 
>>error as /var/tmp not found.
>That's not how you disable metadevices.  You have to use 'metadb'.  
>>The box is at co-location so i can't put 
>>boot from CD as well. I can't bring the box up. Below is the df
>'df' output is irrelevant (at this stage).  You'd need 'metadb' output.
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