SUMMARY: shell script test for an intel-chip based server

From: Christopher L. Barnard <>
Date: Mon May 15 2006 - 14:21:56 EDT
I asked

> I need to have a switch in a shell script determine if a server is sparc
> processor or has an inter processor (opteron).  I know of several ways
> of doing this, but I am curious about other ways of checking, which ones
> are more dependable, or which ones have caused problems, that sort of info.
> The ones that immediately come to mind are
> "uname -i"
> "arch"
> prtconf | grep Configuration (check end of string)
> test for existence of /usr/bin/i86 directory
> "isainfo -n"
> Thanks for the info, and I'll summarize...


Don't forget "psrinfo -v" and "uname -p".  Also the /usr/bin/sparc and
/usr/bin/i386pc binaries will return 0 on their respective CPU types.
Testing for the /usr/bin/i86 directory is definitely not a good idea
because it can be there on a sparc system as well.  arch has been
depreciated and use of it is discouraged.

It looks like "uname -p" is the one to use.

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