Summary : Ultra 30 panicing on thermal warning

From: Peter van Gemert <>
Date: Mon May 08 2006 - 17:09:12 EDT
I want to thank Francisco, Andrew, Musa, Kwanghoon and Mathew for their 
prompt response.

Most replies stated that a prtdiag -v should show me some internal 
temperature readings. Running this command on my Ultra-30, unfortunately 
didn't show any information about temperatures what so ever. Maybe 
someone knows another command that will show the temperatures inside my 

Mathew said that the /var/adm/message log was a typical CPU fan 
malfunction, so this is the next thing that I will be investigating over 
the next few days.


Peter van Gemert wrote:

>Hello collegues,
>My Ultra 30 web server started this week to panic with the following 
>message in /var/adm/message:
>May  6 15:09:58 global pcipsy: [ID 819770 kern.warning] WARNING: pci: 
>Thermal warning detected!
>May  6 15:09:58 global unix: [ID 836849 kern.notice]
>May  6 15:09:58 global ^Mpanic[cpu0]/thread=2a10004fcc0:
>May  6 15:09:58 global unix: [ID 534432 kern.notice] dispatcher invoked 
>from high-level interrupt handler
>May  6 15:09:58 global unix: [ID 100000 kern.notice]
>May  6 15:09:58 global genunix: [ID 672855 kern.notice] syncing file 
>May  6 15:09:58 global genunix: [ID 904073 kern.notice]  done
>May  6 15:09:59 global genunix: [ID 111219 kern.notice] dumping to 
>/dev/dsk/c0t1d0s1, offset 107675648, content: kernel
>May  6 15:10:16 global genunix: [ID 409368 kern.notice] ^M100% done: 
>17539 pages dumped, compression ratio 3.30,
>May  6 15:10:16 global genunix: [ID 851671 kern.notice] dump succeeded
>I'm now looking for an answer to the following two questions: which 
>device did actually overheat and panic my system? Is there a command in 
>Solaris 10 u1 that I can use to check the actual temperature in my machine?
>Peter van Gemert
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