SUMMARY - removing metadb state database from active partition

From: Keith Wolters <>
Date: Fri May 05 2006 - 13:48:52 EDT
Thanks to Darren for this explanation. I was indeed trying to
mount/copy from the slice itself. I should have broken the mirror but
copied from the detached metadevice instead of the underlying slice.

> What specifically were you trying to mount?  The concat/stripe
> metadevice or the slice itself?  From your description, there's no
> reason that you should have had an issue with mounting the metadevice.

>> - I got an error about  a bad superblock

> I would expect that if you tried to mount the slice directly.  Because
> the presence of the old replica meant that the metadevice was created at
> an offset from the beginning of the slice.

> (ans using the alternate superblocks did not help me either). Is there
> anything I should have done differently to not hose the partition by
> removing the metadb?

> I would need to see more specific information about what was done.  Just
> removing the replica should have no effect on other data immediately.

> Of course if you later deleted the replica, you couldn't recreate it in
> the same location if the replica were gone.  It would create it with no
> offset from the beginning of the slice.  That's one reason that mixing
> replicas and metadevices on a slice isn't recommended.
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