SUMMARY: user login question

From: Jim Langston <>
Date: Wed May 03 2006 - 16:13:48 EDT
I received several emails from folks, but this email from Brad Morrison
is what i was looking for.  
We are a sudo shop, so sudo was already installed.  I just had to
modify the sudoers file with this information:
To set up user "joe" to sudo to psoft on ALL hosts, use: 

Cmnd_Alias        PSOFT=/usr/bin/su - psoft, /usr/bin/su psoft 
joe        ALL=PSOFT 
Then in the /etc/shadow file, I locked out the psoft account out buy
putting in a non-valid password.  



>>> "Jim Langston" <> 5/3/2006 9:07:47 AM >>>

I have a question about preventing a user from logging in directly.  I
only want to be able to su - over to it from another account.  I know
that you can prevent root from logging in directly by setting up the
/dev/console setting in the /etc/default/login file, but is it
to do this for a regular user?  


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