SUMMARY: Veritas "vea" gui doesn't show "create file system"

From: Dave Martini <>
Date: Wed May 03 2006 - 14:16:33 EDT
Hi all once again thanks to everyone who replied!
I didn't have two packages installed which were


After installing these now the file system option shows up in the GUI.

I had one person reply that in the VEritas training they recommended 
against using version 4.0 and should use 4.1 instead.
Is anyone running version 4.0 and have you had any issues?
I don't have the 4.1 CD but I guess I could get it.
Would I need to uninstall completely the 4.0 version first or do an upgrade?


Below is my original question

Hi all, I'm running Veritas Volume Manager 4.0 on Solaris 9.
When I launch the vea gui and go to create a new volume I don't see the
option to create a file system. On the first information screen it says
I'll have the option of doing that but it never appears in the various
screens it takes you through to create the volume. Even the last screen
says file system:none but it never gave me the option.

I have Veritas version 3.5 on other hosts and it does give the create
file system option.

As it stands now on my 4.0 machine I have to run a newfs to create the
file system after creating the volume.

Anyone running 4.0 that can check their vea add volume screens to see if
   you have the option to create a file system?
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