SUMMARY: File System Size issue

From: Bhavesh Shah <>
Date: Wed Apr 26 2006 - 19:24:49 EDT
Thanks to everyone for their quick response...

Darren Dunham
Harrington David
Christopher McNabb
John Benjamins
Gary Lang
Shyam Hazari

Sorry if i missed anyone..
Thanks again to all...

There is a similar post and FAQ available tahnks to Bejamin for pointing 
that out:

5.10) Where is my disk space? The "du" and "df" commands disagree.

If a process is holding open a file, and that file is removed, the space
belonging to the file is not freed until the process either exits or
closes the file. This space is counted by "df" but not by "du". This
often happens in /var/log or /var/adm when a long-running
process (e.g. syslog) is holding open a file. In the case of syslog,
send it a HUP (e.g. kill -HUP <syslog's process ID>).

   You can use LSOF
   ( to find
which processes are holding open a particular file. Thanks to Stefan
Voss <s dot voss at> and Michael R. Zika <zika at oconto
dot tamu dot edu>

   Under Solaris 2.6 and later, files which have been unlinked can still
be accessed through the /proc interface. If a process is holding open
such a file for writing, but it's inconvenient or impractical to kill
the process or get it to close the file, you can free up the disk space

Darren pointed out to do the same without lsof with find command:

Here's a good way to check.  This will look for regular files that have
no links (have been deleted).  Are any big and on the right filesystem?
If so, the pid gives you the process that holds the file open.

# find /proc -type f -links 0 -ls
by truncating (not removing) the file from under /proc

I tried all possible suggetions but didn't help. As a last resort rebooted the box and that finally fixed the proble.

Tahnks a lot Gurus..

My original post was:

I have an issue with Veritas file system (mirrored) 10G which shows its
97% full with df -k output. When i go in the file system df -k shows
only ~150MB used. I don't know where the space is been occupied by
Here si the output:
                    10485760 10052872  406300    97%    /var/adm/web

vxprint -ht output:

v  weblogs      -            ENABLED  ACTIVE   20971520 SELECT
-        fsgen
pl weblogs-01   weblogs      ENABLED  ACTIVE   20972736 CONCAT
-        RW
sd rootdisk-20  weblogs-01   rootdisk 32461440 16780224 0
Internal_0 ENA
sd rootdisk-01  weblogs-01   rootdisk 131056704 4192512 16780224
Internal_0 ENA
pl weblogs-02   weblogs      ENABLED  ACTIVE   20972736 CONCAT
-        RW
sd rootdisk02-12 weblogs-02  rootdisk02 114286656 20972736 0
Internal_1 ENA

cd  to file system output:

root@peanut# cd /var/adm/web
root@peanut# du -sk *
0 lost+found
2351 tle
161267 weblogic
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