SUMMARY: Lexmark printer on Solaris 10

From: Felipe Di Matteo <>
Date: Wed Apr 26 2006 - 13:41:12 EDT
Thanks for all who helps me...

To resolv the problem I did that:

On a pc I installed the Print Services for Unix, and I created a printer client of LPD Server.

#lpadmin -p lex -sip_server!name_printer_on_win

where: ip_server -> name in host table
       name_printer_on_win -> name of shared printer on windows

Ok, with this configuration I could print text files.
For print postscript files (openoffice, and others) I installed on windows some programs(ghostscript) and a new printer
to redirect the postscripts files from solaris to default printer.
On Solaris a create new printer with:

#lpadmin -p name_redirect_printer_win -s ip_server

where: name_redirect_printer_win -> is the name of new printer a created on windows
       ip_server -> name in host table

All done, everything works fine!!!!

Thanks again, for all!...

Felipe Pian Di Matteo

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