AW: SUMMARY: SC 3.1U4 + Sol 10/SPARC + D1000?

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Date: Mon Apr 24 2006 - 04:31:41 EDT
Hi agn,

here's an answer from Casper Dik, which I'd like to share with the list. It
seems the JBODs are in fact still supported, (and the A1000s as well), so, I
think I'm facing a more specific problem here...
Maybe, I should consider re-installing the machines, as I see other problems
with the zone installations etc. Maybe this will solve the JBOD-issue

Thanks to Casper for clearifying this,


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><original question below>
>Hi agn,
>not so much answers, only two, so, thanks to Sami Sun []
>for his answer and to Mehmet Soysal [] for the possible
>solution. Mehmet told me that the A1000's are no longer supported in
>10, and since the D1000s are almost the same except of the missing
>RAID-controller, it's very likely that a setup like mine will no longer
>with SC3.1U4 on Solaris 10.
>Well, does not matter, as I wrote it's only for testing - when it goes to
>the "real" work, we will have to get some modern storage systems, maybe
>iSCSI based or similar.
>Thanks to the list for the quick answers and for reading my question,

The D1000s just work and if you install the RM software you can still
control the A1000 also (only the double attach A3500 stuff doesn't work
anymore, apparently)

The D1000 is still supported as it's JBOD; the A1000 is not.

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