SUMMARY - SATA Controller Support

From: Steve Nelson <>
Date: Mon Apr 24 2006 - 03:05:04 EDT
 SATA Drivers for Solaris

    * TX4 cards work flawlessly under FreeBSD, but no-one has reported
them to work under Solaris, although a few have tried.

    * The quality of SiI3112/3132 SATA controllers is questionable,
however, they are cheap and work well with Solaris x86.

    * Other options include LSI MegaRAID (which is a particularly
inexpensive option for x86), Areca, or Adaptec.

    * The HCL, although not always completely up-to-date is the key

    * As a general pointer for checking support of hardware, follow
this process:

1. Boot with the cd
2. Run through the DCA (Device Configuration Assistant)

After the hardware scan, it will list all the detected hardware.  The
next screen will list all bootable devices.

The DCA might just detect the hardware - for example, certain
motherboards will have SATA capcapabilities but are actually bridged
to an on board IDE or SCSI controller.


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