[SUMMARY] Ping results no answer from gate way

From: dhamodharan sriramalu <sri.dhamodharan_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu Apr 20 2006 - 13:27:32 EDT
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my question was

I have shifted my box to another location , I changed the parameters by
using sys-unconfig , after changes i pinged the local host its alive , then
i pinged gateway its giving error message thats " no answer from Ip
xxx.xxx.x.x, Then i have checked the carrier with another windows box its
fine, Let me get resolve this issue , also let me how to find that the inter
face is working good or not.

  Actions performed from replies

netstat -rn  - check default gateway IP entry

ifconfig a - verify that the interface is "UP" not down.
If it is "DOWN" run 'ifconfig ce0 up'  where ce0 is the name of the

/etc/defaultrouter  check router IP

Do you have a link light on the back of the system for the network?

Solution :

At last I find that my NAC is not functioning. I have changed it and now its
working fine.
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