SUMMARY (not): Sun Local Patch server with Solaris 10?

From: <>
Date: Wed Apr 05 2006 - 23:03:34 EDT
Oh well,
I expected to get at least one reply to this, but I must be the
only person in the whole world using this suite of products in this way....


On Mon, 3 Apr 2006 wrote:

> Hi there,
> I went to a lot of effort and setup a special "admin" server with
> the Sun Control Station packages.
> We are using DMM, Netconnect, CST and all that very effectively
> to manage a lot of systems.
> Also, I used the Local Patch Server product and spent quite a bit of
> time getting that rolled out to various systems to assist in patch
> management.
> Now, I have a couple of Solaris 10 systems starting to appear on the
> scene and it appears the "smpatch" subsystem won't work with a Solaris 9
> Local Patch Server.
> What do I have to do, to get my Solaris 10 systems working with this
> product?
> I have all my valid Sunsolve accts setup and we of course have
> a Contract with Sun, so I have no problems registering an S10 system
> with Sun, to get the patches individually, but I want to use LPS,
> since, as the final point of my Jumpstart, the system is supposed to
> run "smpatch add" to bring the latest patches onto the system.
> The word is, that the new S10 patch management tools are incompatible
> with the LPS.
> Can someone please advise?
> thanks...

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