SUMMARY: Flashing Power Indicator on Sun Monitor

From: Crist Clark <>
Date: Fri Mar 31 2006 - 20:40:55 EST
Thank you to Charles Rawls who must know some magical SunSolve judo fu.
He sent a copy of the user's manual he claims to have found in some
hidden crevice of SunSolve. I can't find anything there.

The verdict: It appears my monitor is ill. I am supposed to count the
seconds between flashes and call my authorized Sun dealer to inform
them of the monitor's condition.

I'm thinking boat anchor.

Crist Clark wrote:
> I've got a Sun monitor here that doesn't seem to work. This is a rather
> common (around here anyway) GDM-5010PD model. It is one of the dual
> input monitors. Neither seems to work. When I power the monitor up,
> the light over the power switch in the center comes on green, but after
> a few seconds begins to flash amber. Usually, that light goes solid
> amber if there is no signal or the monitor goes to sleep. I get the
> flashing amber whether using the Sun jack or the VGA. The systems it
> doesn't work with work fine on other monitors.
> So, is my monitor busted or something simple to fix? I can't seem to
> Google documentation on these monitors, just a sea of resellers.
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